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I did what?

As if my post about 2012 resolutions didn’t cause me enough angst in regard to challenging myself more this year than ever before, I go and agree to a 30 day PALEO challenge-and strict Paleo at that-not just paleo for dinner resolution but paleo all day resolution.  

Now, paleo eating really is just eating as our ancestors ate prior to agriculture (when wheat and other grains began being mass produced)…..anyway, I won’t bore you with all the details-but as I’ve been doing this for 10-yes 10 WHOLE days, I’ve come to learn that paleo is interpreted differently by many people.  

The just is this: eat your GREENS, eat your BERRIES, eat some nuts and organic, grass fed meats, even organs (can’t stomach that one).  Some ‘sects’ allow diary, some natural sweeteners-i.e. honey and stevia.  

For this particular challenge we are among the hard-asses sect that will not eat dairy or any sweetener except trace amounts of stevia for 30 days!  

10 days in and this: I FEEL amazing, awake, and athletic.  I DON’T want to cheat (most of the time-can you say cheese please?)- I DON’T ever feel HUNGRY.  I NEVER expected these things.  

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Twenty twelve

Just like everyone else in the world, I’ve been reflecting on what I should declare as my 2012 resolution.  Is it bad that there are probably no less than 20 things I can name off the top of my head that I should do just to make me a ‘better’ person?  How about no carbs, no sugar, no piperlime, blog more, play with my kids more, blah, blah, blah…..

The problem I have with my resolution every year is that I don’t stick to it-and that actually is more a problem with myself!  Where is my perseverance?  This year will already test my perseverance because I have paid for a 1/2 marathon in March-already in my training, and….wait for it……..enjoying my Saturday LOOOONG runs the most.  I know, it is shocking to me too.  So, God willing, I will continue a smooth training plan and kick the 13.1 miles into oblivion.  

So, to recap, perseverance: on the right track.  Now what?

Well, I am going to resolve to challenge myself to twelve, month-long resolutions of things that I’ve been wanting to do or try, and just haven’t committed.  Any of my 6 followers (thank you for pretending I am interesting) are welcome to take the journey with me, or at the very least help to hold me accountable.  

Oops- forgot to mention the one thing I’m resolving to do all year: no snacking after dinner in front of the tv.  That is really killing my thighs. 

Here goes:

Month 1: Paleo Dinners

So, I love to cook, I love to search food blogs and try new recipes.  Problem is the recipes I gravitate to tend to be sort of comfort food type recipes: see Pioneer Woman…..LOVE her, but so not Paleo.  My husband is really into Crossfit (barf-my opinion-maybe not yours) and we’ve talked about Paleo eating a lot lately.  I don’t know if I would be successful going 100% Paleo today-so, I’m starting with Paleo dinners for January.  Yay!

Tonight: Hamburgers-not so exciting, but I have company and grilled burgers and hot dogs were on the menu.  Oh, did I mention I like food blogs and to try new recipes? Yeah, this meal was not on a wonderful food blog, it is me being tired of entertaining said company for the 5th day with two more to go.   Any guesses who is visiting?  

I kid. I kid.  

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